Ian Bailey

Educator / Filmmaker 🎬

Hi, I’m Ian the creator of The Film Files, a website of training and resources for filmmakers. I come from a background of working in film, television and higher education. I like art, culture, sci-fi / fantasy and cooking.

My ambition is to make this website the best destination for you to learn movie making, improve your skills and gain the confidence to tell amazing stories.

Being creative empowers us. It’s how we communicate our ideas and feelings and make connections with like minded people. Creativity that involves technology can feel daunting. We’re here for you, providing inspiration and the best information, so let’s break down those barriers!

Ruthi Bailey

Design / Management 🌸

Ruthi Bailey - The Film FilesHi, I’m Ruthi I manage The Film Files and design the look of the website. My background is in design, animation and traditional art. I like fairytales, mythology, nature and yummy food.

As well as making the website visually pleasing and easy to use, I am passionate about empowering women filmmakers.

You’re never too old or too young to learn new skills and engage with the latest technology. As artists, we often feel misunderstood and overwhelmed. It is the purpose of The Film Files to encourage you to gain the skills, confidence and spirit to achieve your dreams… no matter who you are.